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Create magnificent Christmas eCards in moments

Create amazing eCards along with your company logo with our eCard templates.
Your eCards are guaranteed to appear perfectly in any inbox, on any device.


Import one or several company logos & choose a design from our extensive gallery or have a custom card made.


Authorize any number of employees to send eCards using the logos and card layouts of your choosing.


View your campaign stats via in-depth reporting detailing bounced emails and opens for every campaign you send.

Gorgeous eCards that deliver outstanding results

With a wide selection of quality corporate Christmas eCard designs and the ability to perfectly
fit your corporate identity -- your eCards will be much better than ever.

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Why choose ekarda for your corporate Christmas cards?

ekarda's unique blend of high quality layouts, simple pricing structure, great features & consumate ease have made it the natural selection for more than 17,000 companies around the world .


    We've made ekarda easy with amazing features for businesses of any size.


    ekarda is the only eCard service offering full-screen eCards.


    Your contacts will enjoy playing with your amazing & interactive branded eCards.


    The only eCards using a beautiful HTML email that displays within the email.


    We love working with our customers and we are here & willing to help 24/5.


    ekarda created the term 'eCards for Business'. Other businesses mimic us -- but we are still the best.


    Our pricing is easy & affordable and we do not charge for 'views' such as others.


    In ekarda -- you receive access to ALL our eCard layouts at no additional cost.

Track your success

Whether you're an SME or enterprise with 100,000 employees -- ekarda has the tools you'll need.
Built-in reports helps you monitor the achievement of your eCard campaigns.

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Need to dispatch cards using Outlook or your own email software?

If you have to ship your Christmas eCards using Outlook or email marketing software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact -- we can help.
We'll provide everything you'll require to dispatch custom and beautiful eCards branded with your logo and preferred message.

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Deciding upon the perfect corporate Christmas eCard provider for your organisation

Regardless of if you're a business owner; your employer's helper; a member of your team's marketing section; or you've been selected to be in-charge of sending out Christmas eCards, you're starting your search for methods to get your corporate Christmas eCard ready in-time for the Christmas season.

Now, where do you begin?

Like most, when initially starting to look for appropriate solutions, you fire up the web browser, open your favourite search engine and start researching. In virtually no time, you come across many company websites supplying corporate eCard solutions -- either paid or free services. After digging a little deeper into all types of providers' sites, you eventually start to realize there are lots of eCard providers out there and all of these vary by creativity, design quality, service levels and more. Which design and quality option is ideal for you? Would you want to use an existing eCard design or have a custom card created specially? Would you want to participate in the creative process? Would you want to allow someone manage the whole set-up on your behalf?

First off, if you're new to eCards, particularly for companies, you may be feeling a little lost. You have to be looking for eCards that create an adventure for your clients and contacts as well as extending your well wishes. Also, shaping the expertise to effortlessly incorporate your branding helps recipients associate that experience with your group -- critical for creating awareness and confidence in your organisation.

Secondly, while most organisations do recognize the branding opportunity that comes along with the Christmas season, many don't totally leverage the opportunity. This can be a result of a lot of factors, such as lack of budget, or lack of time and internal resources. Actually, time is obviously the greatest factor in the entire process. When wanting to fully leverage the branding potential of corporate eCards for the Christmas season, the business really ought to get started set-up in December. Now, from our experience, there are companies that do get started early, but generally, companies tend to put it off until later wind up with a 'just in time' outcome.

eCards normally come in all sizes and shapes. When deciding on the style of eCard, a few of the matters to think about are: the nature of your business relationship with your clients, the demographics, cultural diversity and total number of your audience.

What type of relationship does your business have with your Customers?

Some service providers may have close contact with their customers and are in touch with them nearly daily. Business relationships of this kind often bring about the service provider and customer to experience a closer relationship than other types of businesses. On the other hand, other types or companies or product sales firms may not have such a close connection with their customers. They may maintain an extremely professional, not as personal connection with customers and clients and this needs to be taken into consideration when selecting an eCard design.

Contemplate the demographics, cultural diversity and size of your audience

In the modern global economy, organizations are operating across each corner of the planet. A normal medium to big business' customers and clients jointly are varied. It's common in the current business world for clients and contacts to: be dispersed across a variety of age groups, cultures, and use quite a few distinct languages. It's important to think about these aspects of your business customers before selecting your eCard design.

For medium to enterprise organisations with a varied customer and customer base, your chosen Christmas eCard desig nought to be non-denominational at every facet. Using particular religious terminology in an eCard could cause a number of your clients to be taken aback -- or worse, angry. Corporate Christmas eCards really are the right choice once you're certain that you understand your audience.

While we're on the topic of diversity, if you have global contacts with a variety of languages, it's a fantastic idea to have multiple language variations of your eCard designed. There's nothing worse than receiving an eCard in a language that you don't understand and although English is the most frequently spoken language with many cultures using English as their second language, it's a far cleverer idea to send out an eCard in the recipient's first language. It shows you care and appreciate the cultural diversity of your customers.

ekarda provides you the opportunity to send campaigns in multiple languages. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Now that we have covered understanding your clients and the type of eCard you ought to be sending them, let us take a look at couple of other important areas of the process -- the technical and creative aspects.

The eCard creative process

If you've got an idea of an eCard you want created, keep in mind that entirely custom layouts can require additional budget. Pricing naturally is dependent upon the amount of customisation and elegance of the design that you have in mind. If you don't have a available funds for the creation of a customised Christmas eCard - one of the best aspects of ekarda is that you have the option to choose one (or multiple) card designs from our gallery at no additional cost.

When choosing to move forward using a template design for your company eCard, the vendor needs to have a process in place that's simple, easy to follow, offers additional information and assistance as needed and permits the design procedure for this project to progress smoothly and economically. You shouldn't have to guess in any point -- that's only caused by a badly developed process and possibly poor business.

Your corporate eCard template is an ambassador for your brand - so select your eCard design and vendor carefully!

Overseeing the sending out of your corporate Christmas eCards

Now that you have chosen a card layout to dispatch out to your customers and contacts, it's time to decide on how you wish to send out the cards. This really depends on if you've got several staff in your company that need to be able to send out their own cards, or if you want to manage the deployment of all cards personally.

If you decide to manage the entire effort, then simply create a free trial account with ekarda. From there its a terrific idea to assemble all names and email addresses of your contacts into a spreadsheet (MS Excel, Google Sheet etc). As soon as you've got this - login to ekarda and follow the step-by-step instructions to dispatch your cards.

If you decide to allow multiple staff to dispatch their own eCards out to their business contacts and customers, its best to generate an Excel file containing the first name and email of each employee. The name and email of each co-worker should be in separate columns. As soon as you understand exactly how many staff who will require access, you can login into your ekarda account and buy Credits and Senders. Each staff member is considered to be a 'Sender' therefore if for example you have 50 personnel, then you have to buy 50 Senders and enough Credits for your staff to utilize. Staff members share the Credits from your account (because your account is the 'Administrator' account).

From that point you simply upload your company logo (your staff will be able to select your logo when they login to their own ekarda accounts). You might even choose exactly which card layouts your staff can get and deselect any eCard layouts that you don't want staff to get access to.

Note: Corporate Christmas eCard delivery rates

One quick, but very important, point on eCard delivery is that when choosing an eCard company for this undertaking, be sure check if they understand SFP (Sender Framework Coverage) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Message). Not certain what those are? Make sure the company that you choose will or the deliverability of your e-mails may be affected (i.e. mails will be routed, but many may go right to spam rather than wind up in recipients' inboxes.


By now, you ought to have a great comprehension of exactly what the eCard process involves by means of design considerations and the associated processes that are required. So, let us take a second to do a quick recap of the key points we have outlined when deciding on an eCard layout and vendor.

  • The eCard company ought to be able to produce a corporate eCard that creatively provides an experience that the majority of your contacts and staff will enjoy, and reinforces awareness for your brand without seeming unprofessional. For large numbers of recipients, they provide a solution that can still offer value to a broad and varied audience.
  • The provider has proven expertise with providing business eCards and has the capability to give understanding and insight into how you can best achieve your goals. They can also respond to any questions that you have, and also have the capability to work together with your thoughts considering the time period available to you.
  • If you don't have a great deal of time, they can offer a professional eCard solution that doesn't require a massive contribution from the Client, and still yield a great effect past the 'cute and cuddly'! Furthermore, they can create a 'just in time' solution that is still terrific!
  • If you look at samples out of an eCard company, ask yourself, "Can this eCard complement our brand and also; would it provide true value for our recipients?"
  • The eCard company needs to provide the requisite resources and tools to offer a 'one-stop-shop' for your corporate eCard requrements. They ought to take the guessing from the technology involved and also be able to take care of design of the eCard and deployment facets. They ought to understand the advantages SPF records as well as DKIM records.
  • Additionally - should you require the ability to enable mutliple co-workers to send their own cards - the vendor needs to offer the requisite tools to empower you to do this.

Armed with this information, we hope you are more educated and confident if engaging an eCard|eCard provider for your corporate, organizational, or group needs. We've assisted many customers from many different regions around the globe, and our experiences together have helped shape our eCard services and process into, what we think, is the most professional and creative corporate eCard service available.

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