Corporate Christmas eCard Frequently asked questions
  • How are the Corporate Christmas eCards sent to my receivers?

    Your contacts will receive an email that contains your business logo and personal message. If you would rather send an Interactive eCard from our range, the receiver will click a link in the email they receive letting them to view the card by means of a web browser.

  • How do I include my company logo in my cards?

    Simply upload your business logo (GIF/ JPG or PNG) as well as your logo will be automatically displayed in any eCard design you choose to send. Its preferable to use a PNG with a transparent background since this will often look best. You might even have a hyperlink to your organization website which is clickable on your logo picture when recipients view the eCard.

  • What type of file should I use for my company logo?

    You can import your logo for a PNG, JPG or GIF nevertheless PNG is suggested.

  • What are Credits?

    Credits allow you to send eCards: Interactive cards need 2 credits per receiver. All other cards need 1 credit per receiver. More Information on Credits is available via our pricing page.

  • What are 'eCard Senders'?

    If you have multiple staff members who need to be able to send out eCards, you'll have to buy senders. Senders use the credits which you buy via your accounts. You get 2 Senders with your accounts free of charge. Additional Senders have to be bought by logging in to your account and clicking on 'Shop'. Check our pricing page for more information.

  • Could I send out the Cards via my own email software rather than sendingvia ekarda?

    Yes you can sendvai your own email system. Please contact us to find out more about options and pricing.

    In the event you utilize ekarda's application to blast your Corporate Christmas eCards - you are going to have the additional benefit of improved delivery rates (instead of manually sending messages all at once). In addition each card you send out will be personalised with the recipient's name and the entire procedure is going to be a great deal easier to manage. ekarda also has reporting so you can see the number of recipients who have opened your eCards.

  • Would you produce a custom eCard layout for my business?

    If you'd rather have a custom eCard created your own brand - we can help! Have a look at our range of habit eCards for some design inspiration and get in touch to get a quotation.

  • Could I send Cards on variable dates for birthday cards and anniversaries?

    Yes you can indeed! You'll require an excel file of contacts with the name, email address and date of birth in separate columns. Then login in to your account and create a campaign. You can send birthday eCards to up-to 5000 recipients per campaign automatically matching the correct date of birth for each contact.

    You could even choose the exact time of day you'd like the cards to arrive in the recipient's inbox. Have a look at the support website for more on the best way to send birthday and anniversary eCards.

  • Could I send my eCards on a particular date & time?

    Yes - it is possible to schedule your campaigns ahead of time and be fully organised well ahead of the Corporate Christmas season! We recommend that you beat the Corporate Christmas rush and send your Corporate Christmas campaign out in early December for the most effective open rates.

    Read more about scheduling campaigns via our support website.

  • What's the reply email address for my eCard campaign?

    You can choose the 'from name' and 'reply email' address for each campaign you send. The 'from email' address is noreply@ekarda.com to ensure the best possible delivery rates for your cards. Other eCard systems allow you to modify the 'from email' address but that can cause roughly 30 percent of the eCards that you send out never reaching the receiver as the mail is going to be discovered as SPAM.

    At ekarda we ensure the best delivery rates possible for our customers.

    We can arrange for a special 'from email' address however there is an additional cost and this also means that we are going to have to work with your IT department to make sure that delivery rates are not affected.

  • Do you have reports on eCard opens and bounces for each eCard campaign?

    You can view reports on all campaigns which you send by visiting your campaign reports page . Each campaign details to whom it had been sent, opens and bounces.

  • How will I know if my credits run out or expire?

    We'll notify you by email if your credits are close to running out or expiring.

  • What happens to my campaigns if my credits expire or run out?

    Your campaigns will be paused before you buy extra credits. You'll then be able to restart your paused campaigns.